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Han-Kutchin is an Athabascan language spoken along the Yukon River at Dawson City, Yukon and Eagle, Alaska. Han language is a highly endangered and is only spoken by only a handful of elders today.

Slobodin (1963a: 4-4) Charlie Isaac, son of Chief Isaac of the Klondike band said "We and the Eagle people are the only ones who speak our language, I've never heard of any others. We are the same people. We were once one people, who camped in the summer at various places between here and Charlie Creek. After the White man came, and especially the gold rush, we formed up into two villages. The (International) boundary also helped to separate us. We couldn't help it."

Han Language

Our Han Language:

Drin Zhit Sho-ahlay. (This day to it, you be happy)
Mah si. (Thank you)
Mah si cho. (Thank you big.)
Najit dahonch'e? (How are you?)
Shajit hozo. (I am fine.)
Nah yu'? (How about you?)
Shencha, shajit hozo. (Me too, I'm fine.)
Dinday'? (What are you doing?)
Heshday ko. (I don't know.)
Aha. (Yes.)
She nya. (My mother)
Shetso. (My Grandma)
Shetso Yanaya? (Where is my Grandma?)
Ja sheghat dheja. (She's sitting beside me.)
Dadhinay! (Be quiet)
Heshdey Ko. (I don't know.)
Hozo (nice,good)
La hozo! (really good)
Kwan (matches)
Ko (not, nothing, no)
Kwan ihday ko (I do not have matches)
Thres sha ko (no money)
Lejit (Tea)
Chu (Water)
Dinday'? (What are you doing?)
Tsul (small)
Cho (big)
Tr'enin (baby)
Tr'enin cho (big baby)
Tr'enin tsul (small baby)
Luk cho (big fish)
Jejik cho (big moose)

THE LORDS PRAYER (in our Han Language)

Nicha' zhazhit nehudek
Nozre srudedenay
Nek'ahodhat nejudhet
Niyinji' zhazhit hwek'e
Nankak ako hule'
Jit drin zhit nitll'a'ahchit
Drin da lewden;zhew nezhi'
Nitr'oda nits'an an wetinle
Nits'a' ey in tr'ehoda
Nits'a' daheday'
Nits'an ey nidenude'ya sor'
Nezho ts'a' nit'e'
Huwa yu nits'an hule'
Ako shek ts'a' shek.


Other Language Resources

The Yukon Native Language Center proiveds information on the Han Language including the alphabet, audio lessons and audio story books.
Endangered Language There are only a handful of people who can speak Hn Hwch'in.